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September 2016

Sep 23
September 23
How to Buy a Car

Are you buying a new or used car in the near future? If so, our partners at Nationwide Insurance offer several tips to make sure you find the right vehicle, price and dealer.

Sep 19
September 19
Don't Skimp on Your Insurance

Do you know the different types of insurance available to protect you, your family, and your assets? Do you know how to save money without skimping on your insurance? Take a look at NerdWallet's article to find out. 

Sep 6
September 6
Getting To Know The Staff: Travis

Meet Travis! His friendly personality and dedication to learning all things insurance makes him a valuable asset to our team. 


August 2016

Aug 25
August 25
Millennials and Hombuying: Myths and Reality

To some, millennials may be known for breaking traditions and habits of past generations. Despite this, many millennials hope to become homeowners but feel it is impossible. Take a look at Nerdwallet's article, explaining the myths and reality of millennials and homebuying.

Aug 5
August 5
Backyard BBQ Ideas

Hosting a backyard barbecue to wrap up the summer? Our partners at Nationwide Insurance offer a few ideas to keep your party unique and entertaining for all ages!


July 2016

Jul 29
July 29
Is your central air conditioning handling the heat?

With the warm days of summer upon us, you may be wondering how your central air conditioning is handling the heat. A problem with your air conditioner is the last thing you want to deal with on a hot day. Our partners at West Bend offer a few tips to help you determine if your air conditioner is running properly.

Jul 14
July 14
Mobile Food Pantry in Clive

Help Clive Community Services spread the word. Their DMARC Mobile Food Pantry will be at their new location this Friday, July 15th.


June 2016

Jun 24
June 24
9 Outdoor Grilling Safety Tips

According to the National Fire Protection Association, each year, outdoor grilling causes an average of 8,900 home fires. Our partners at Nationwide Insurance provide nine tips to safely enjoy outdoor grilling this summer.

Jun 14
June 14
Driverless cars are becoming a reality. What does this actually mean for drivers?

It is no secret the advancement of technology is impacting most industries and individuals alike, including the auto industry. Find out how autonomous cars may effect drivers in the future.  

Jun 8
June 8
6 Tips for Keeping a Car Cool

With a warm weekend ahead of us, it is important to be mindful of the heat and how it impacts you and your car. Keep your car cooler with these tips from our partners at Nationwide.


May 2016

May 25
May 25
Getting to Know the Staff: Alicia

Meet Alicia! Alicia is one of our Personal Lines Agents. Her years of experience make her a valuable agent to our clients, as she assists with clients questions and coverage changes.

May 18
May 18
National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Did you know that 33 percent of all liability insurance claims paid by homeowners are for dog bites? This week, May 15-21, is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and our partners at The IMT Group Insurance Company have some suggestions to help prevent dog bites and other claims involving your furry friends.

May 12
May 12
Know What to Look Out For to Limit Car Damage

Spring is finally here, but so is pothole season. Limit damage to your car, by reading Safelite's article. They explain what types of damage potholes can cause, as well as how to avoid them.

May 6
May 6
What everyone must know about auto recalls

Learn more about vehicle recalls from our partners at West Bend Mutual Insurance. Do you cringe when you receive a vehicle recall in the mail? Here's why you should follow-up with them!


April 2016

Apr 15
April 15
6 Tips to Protect Pets from Household Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), pets and wild animals play a part in starting 700 household fires each year. Check out this article by Caterina Pontoriero,, to learn how to keep your pets safe from household fires


Apr 8
April 8
Getting to Know the Staff: Jennefer

Meet Jennefer! She is a commercial lines agent at Middendorf Insurance. Her many years of experience are a help to both clients and staff.

Apr 4
April 4
Second Annual Putt-Putt Masters Tournament

Join us at Woodlands Creek Senior Living Community for the Second Annual Putt-Putt Masters Tournament this Thursday, April 7th from 5 to 7pm. There will be food, prizes, and an auction. All proceeds will benefit the Alzheimer's Association. Call Krista or Aaron (515) 223-9755 to sign up, or fill out the form below.



March 2016

Mar 29
March 29
Are You Prepared For Severe Weather?

Our partners at American Modern provide helpful tips to keep you and your family safe during severe weather season.

Mar 22
March 22
Identity Protection Offered To Wellmark Clients

Are you one of our Wellmark clients? If so, you may be eligible to enroll in a free Wellmark identity protection service.

Mar 16
March 16
St. Patrick’s Day Parties: Drinking, DUIs and Your Insurance

Have any St. Patrick's Day plans? Check out the NerdWallet link below to learn a few insurance reasons why you should celebrate responsibly this St. Patty's Day!

Mar 11
March 11
Getting to Know the Staff: Ben

Meet Ben! Ben is one of our agents at Middendorf Insurance Agency and is licensed in personal, commercial, life and health insurance. His involvement in the community and his engaging personality with clients makes him a great asset to the agency.

Mar 2
March 2
Tips to Reduce Eye Strain

Do you use a computer or other digital device for more than two hours a day? Our partners at EMC Insurance Company offer tips to reduce digital eye strain for workers using computers for multiple hours at a time.


February 2016

Feb 25
February 25
Are you prepared to spend 22 hours in your car?

This weekends forecast may have many of us feeling as though winter is behind us. However, we still live in Iowa, where the weather can change at any time. Take a look at West Bend Mutual Insurance's article, to make sure you are prepared in case one last snow storm hits, before spring.

Feb 12
February 12
Don't Be Blinded By The Bling-Get Insurance For Your Ring

Getting engaged on Valentine's Day or buying a significant other new jewelry items? Take a look at Insurance Information Institute's article to learn the importance of insuring your jewelry.

Feb 9
February 9
Getting to Know the Staff: Mike

Meet Mike! He is one of our personal lines insurance agents. Being a licensed agent for nearly 10 years, Mike assists clients with their insurance needs.  

Feb 2
February 2
Be Aware of Counterfeit Check Scam

Our partners at Nationwide have discovered that one or more individuals, who are not associated with Nationwide, are sending letters and counterfeit checks to consumers. Click on the link below to learn more.

Feb 1
February 1
Five Precautions When Removing Rooftop Snow

Working on roofs can be dangerous, especially in the winter. Our partners at EMC Insurance Company provide a few precautions to consider when removing rooftop snow.


January 2016

Jan 27
January 27
Winter Car Seat Safety

In the winter, keeping kids safe and warm is a key priority for parents. However, West Bend Mutual Insurance Agency explains why it's important to make sure your child's winter attire is not interfering with their safety, while riding in the car. Take a minute to read this article, to ensure both warmth and safety for your child.

Jan 22
January 22
Staying Safe When Working or Playing in the Winter

With the cold days of winter upon us, it is important to say safe, when playing or working outside. The IMT Group Insurance Company offers helpful tips to avoid frostbite and hypothermia this winter.

Jan 12
January 12
Are there any benefits to warming up my car on a cold day?

On cold January days, you may be in the habit of letting your car idle a while before driving it. However, this may not be necessary. Our partners at West Bend Mutual Insurance provide several myths and facts about letting your car idle on cold winter days.  

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